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How to say coffee in 100 languages

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If you love to travel and you love coffee, how to order your favorite java in your destinations native language is muy importante!

There are many resources online to help with the translation. Our favorite lists came from IDL, or In Different Languages and The Spruce's Words for Coffee.

These also seem to be the most popular as well. Check it out!

In English, we use the word coffee, which is believed to have it's origins in the 16th-century. It derives from the Italian caffe, the Turkish kahve, and the Arabic qahwah.

  • Urdu: coffee
  • Welsh: coffi (pronounced ko-FEE)

In many languages throughout the world, the letter 'k' is preferred over the hard 'c' and yet the word is pronounced in a very similar manner.

  • Afrikaans: koffie (pronounced coffee)
  • Dutch: koffie (pronounced coffee)
  • Esperanto: kafo
  • German: der Kaffee (pronounced kah-FEE; masculine; the “K” is capitalized because all German nouns are capitalized)
  • Finnish: kahvi
  • Hindi: kofi (pronounced KOH-fee)
  • Russian: kofe (pronounced koe-fee)

Where is 'Café' Used?

Café (pronounced ka-FEY) is used more widely than coffee and a variety of languages prefer it, including French, Italian, and Spanish. It's thought to have started in Italy with caffe, referring to the Kaffa region in Ethiopia.  

The Spruce says you're pretty safe in using  café when traveling throughout the world and we agree.

  • Italian: caffe (pronounced KA-fee)
  • French: café
  • Spanish: el café (masculine)
  • Bengali/Bangla: café
  • Catalan: cafe 
  • Galician: café
  • Irish: caife
  • Portuguese: café
  • Romanian: cafea (pronounced café-ah)
  • Thai: kafea or ca-fea
  • Vietnamese: ca phe (pronounced kaFEY) or cafe

If you are traveling to Europe

Albanian: kafe
Basque: kafea
Belarusian кава
Bosnian kafa
Bulgarian кафе
Catalan: cafè
Croatian: kava
Czech: káva
Danish: kaffe
Dutch: koffie
Estonian: kohv
Finnish: kahvi
French: café
Galician: café
German: Kaffee
Greek: καφές (pronounced kafés)
Hungarian: kávé
Icelandic: Kaffi
Irish: caife
Italian: caffè
Latvian: kafija
Lithuanian: kava
Macedonian: кафе
Maltese: kafè
Norwegian: kaffe
Polish: Kawa
Portuguese: café
Romanian: cafea
Russian: кофе (pronounced kofe)
Serbian: кафа (pronounced kafa)
Slovak: káva
Slovenian: kava
Spanish: café
Swedish: kaffe
Ukrainian: кави (pronounced kavy)
Welsh: coffi
Yiddish: קאַווע

If you are traveling to Asia, these translations might be helpful as well.

Plus, if you are fluent in any of these languages and the translation evolves, click the edit button to make a recommendation.

If there is a language we didn't cover, Google has a wonderful translation tool that can help you out as well.

Saying Coffee in Middle-Eastern Languages goes a little something like this:

Arabic قهوة
Hebrew קָפֶה [edit]
Persian قهوه [edit]
Turkish Kahve [edit


African Languages:

Afrikaans koffie [edit]
Chichewa khofi [edit]
Hausa kofi [edit]
Igbo kọfị [edit]
Sesotho kofi [edit]
Somali kafeega [edit]
Swahili kahawa [edit]
Yoruba kọfi [edit]
Zulu ikhofi [edit


And Austronesian Languages:

Cebuano kape [edit]
Filipino kape [edit]
Indonesian kopi [edit]
Javanese warung [edit]
Malagasy kafe [edit]
Malay kopi [edit]
Maori kawhe [edit


Did you know there are 7,000 languages in the world! So as you can tell our list is just a small fraction of that. Care to share another coffee translation, then please comment below.

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