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Guest illustrator, Jim Krause, creates new design for Java Smiles™

We are very excited to announce that Jim Krause is our first guest illustrator! 

Jim Krause is a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and the author of seventeen books about design, photography, and creativity. Java Smiles™ is honored to have Jim be the first guest illustrator for our brand.

Krause said, “When Damien asked if I’d do an illustration for Java Smiles, it took me only 12 seconds to say yes! Which is exactly half the amount of time it takes for my chrome-plated, Italian-designed espresso machine to brew a perfect shot of crema-topped espresso.”

Jim was introduced to Damien in 2011 at a HOW Design conference in Chicago by mutual friend, Dyana Valentine. When considering guest illustrators for a 2019 Java Smiles™ design, working with Jim Krause was at the top of the list. “Being able to work with Jim on this new design was a lot of fun. He is incredibly creative and just the opportunity to get on his calendar was serendipitous,” Golden adds.

Java Smiles™ was born out of a passion for coffee, creativity, travel and the art of happiness. Owner, Damien Golden sees the company as a passion project come to life. She says, “…it’s a way to work with some extraordinary illustrators and designers that I might not be able to in my every day work world. Plus, 100% of proceeds go to charity. And every time I see the Java Smiles logo, it just makes me happy. I hope it does that as well for anyone who sees it and wears it around the world”.

Pop on over to to see Jim’s illustration and pick up your very own piece of apparel art. Or share this post with a friend of colleague that might appreciate it.

Have a suggestion for a future guest illustrator? We'd love to hear about it, comment below~


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