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Blue vs Orange


The Java Smiles mugs have been a big hit. And while we thought blue would be a very popular color, orange cups have been popping off the shelf. 

Just this morning a visiting couple both picked the same color - orange. She was surprised, but he was not. (I guess he knew they already had lots in common.)

Various studies show blue, purple and green amongst the most popular colors among women, while men favor blue and green the most... which might explain the request for a green mug next. We are working on it!

And if you'd like a dose of psychology with your cup of joe, here you go... orange exudes happy, energetic, pleasant and social emotions - synonymous with what happens to most after their favorite cup of joe.

And blue can sometimes carry a peaceful, cool and distant emotional balance. So if your contemplating something big or need your space to create, I can see one grabbing this mug for their favorite hot beverage.

The color blue is related to the lowering of blood pressure and decreases in appetite. Not that drinking from that cup will guarantee weight loss, but wouldn't that be great!

The color orange physically encourages movement, provides energy and vigor. And while this topic could go one and on, we'd rather hear from you. Which java smiles mug do you like best? Comment below and let us know!

And as always – Live Life Happy!

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