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100% of Proceeds to Charity

Java Smiles is making a bold turn for the better - we'll be giving 100% of Proceeds away to Charity. With your help, we'll be starting off small (giving to Delaware charities), but hope to grow to be able to give to national and international charities eventually as well.

We recently posted the background story, the why and more on the Skimmbassadors B-list goal list for this year. Here's a recap...

Giving 100% of all Proceeds to Charity is Important because... 

With all of the government cuts, those amongst us that need the greatest assistance, are often left behind. We, at Java Smiles, would like to be able to use our creative talents to give more to our local, Delaware non-profits to help fill the gaps. Java Smiles was born out of our passion for coffee, creativity, travel and the art of happiness. No matter where you are in the world, there is a simple pleasure experienced through savoring a single cup of coffee, making new friends, traveling and artistic discovery. These experiences make us whole, unique, alive and connected. Java Smiles will offer fun, coffee centric designs, labels for responsibly sourced coffee, and more. And it will be a non-profit that gives 100% of all proceeds to charity. First, Java Smiles needs to become a non-profit. So we will be working on that this year.

Next, we'll be researching other successful non-profits who give 100% of their profits to charity. Cultivating a mentor in this arena would be pivotal since we’ve never embarked on building a successful non-profit.

Next is researching potential Delaware non-profits to support and then providing monetary donations toward their goals. We care deeply about kids and animals. Unfortunately, these two demographics often receive the least government funding. We believe every child deserves access to housing, food, healthcare, education, and the arts. And by giving to local non-profits, a big difference can be made in these crucial areas.

We also believe in the welfare, kindness and compassionate care of domesticated animals. Education in the prevention of cruelty, relief of suffering, and also providing a clean and healthy environment in the temporary housing of strays and lost animals is vital.

With the help of everyone reading this, we believe giving away 100% of our proceeds to charity to help children and animals is an attainable goal.

Our charitable giving may be small this year, but Java Smiles could one day generate charitable donations equal to or even greater than what a Fortune 500 company gives. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a part of that?! If everyone who reads this contributes (by buying a mug, a bag of coffee, a t-shirt or even a sticker, or providing a good connection to another non-profit that gives 100% of their proceeds), we believe great things will happen! Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Together we can positively impact children and animal lives. Today 100% of Java Smiles proceeds given to charity may sound small, but it could eventually impact the world with your help. Shop now or connect with us today!


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